Energy revolution

Our energy board was quite inventive

As we needed a new clean energy incentive.

The think-tank took only thirteen days,

Lots of coffee and a very secluded place.

They realized a new power source

Completely untapped of course.

Acne or zits, as we them know

Could be harnessed for hot water flow.

A new business emerged overnight

Zit extraction sites popped up left and right.

Unemployment sank, emissions as well,

The worst side was an unpleasant smell.

People benefited from their defective genes,

And finally, an actual use for teens.


Human heating unit

I didn’t find a job after my degree,

In society’s eyes I had no right to be.

I decided I’d become an alcoholic hobo,

Stick to playing my old bourbon oboe,

As it was expected from an unemployed mind,

Expectation: not fun with people not kind.

I got brutalized by some police,

Left me in the snow, resting in peace.

Here’s the fun part, I melted all the snow,

Melted it enough till it needed a mow.

Someone with poor circulation came along,

Woke me up and inquired what was wrong.

After my story, she offered me a job,

A human heating unit, warmth with a throb.

All I had to do was keep radiating,

Close to people who were just there, waiting,

Waiting for sleep with cold hands and toes,

I was there to make sure that no one froze.

Under the blanket, emanating heat,

Whistling away, making ends meet.

Black hole trash can

Might be kind of convenient until it grew too big and swallowed the whole planet.

The other day I found a black hole.

In my kitchen, blacker than coal.

Under my sink, just floating there,

Gravitationally licking the granular air.

I gave it trash to feed on, a test.

It ate it quickly with great zest.

I called my friend to see this wonder,

He thought it might tear the world asunder.

But, after a look, he was just amazed.

Tried it out, his eyes fully glazed.

The whole neighborhood got the new word,

This would eat anything, normal or absurd,

And not leave a single scrap of waste.

Just suck it up with its singular taste.

Soon no one had a need for a bin,

They paid five cents to me with a grin.

When chucking their refuse into the void,

They were blown away as it got destroyed.

After some months, in the surrounding area:

An odd kind of job-related, career hysteria.

All the trash cans, with their new unemployment,

Started to migrate, a bin redeployment.

They left and hoped to find a better life,

In order to support their drawer wife.

So, due to the black hole I had found,

A whole class of people financially drowned.

So if You find a natural, spatial deviation,

Be sure it doesn’t destroy anyone’s vocation.