The lamp in the fog

There’s a lone street lamp somewhere in the fog.

Lighting the way through the murderous bog.

Without it everyone would be hopelessly lost,

Dead in the swamp, covered by frost.

The lamp is famous, loved by all,

Travelers obey its luminous call.

The lives it saves too numerous to count

Shames the Grim Reaper, making him dismount.

The lone street lamp, always alight,

Was brought down due to one man’s spite.

The emperor of La La Land was on his way

Through the deadly swamp on a very sunny day.

Thinking, like emperors are wont to do,

Of his own magnificence, not of me or you.

Completely lost in these enticing thoughts

He collided with the lamp while dreaming of yachts.

Irately proclaimed it had no business there

With the weather so sunny and clear as air.

With some men with unrefined hands

Ensured the life-saving lamp no longer stands,

The emperor was not pleased, men like him never are.

Travelers no more return without the guiding star.


Contract killer

“Let me take a drag beforehand to look cooler.”


I don’t work for cheap, that’s true.

But I get the job done, and done well too.

There’s an idea and it’d be good if it dies?

Arrange the payment and close your eyes.

How do I work? You don’t want to know

Just describe the target and cough up the dough.

It’s one of yours? Well that’s a first.

You want to live your passion, lifelong nursed,

Of traveling the world and painting with oil

To avoid the rat race and mind-numbing toil?

Alright, I see, this won’t take long.

Just kick back and relax, we can’t go wrong.

I will now come closer and whisper some words

They will kill the idea of being free as birds.

Listen closely and listen well, sonny:

“With this idea you can’t make money.”

Now it’s dead, put the payment in the pot

As agreed, 15 gummy bears, fresh and hot.

Have a nice life, son, and do come back

If you ever fall off the too-well-beaten track.


There are weird things you can’t know.

Based on where you live, although,

You can learn quite a lot if you travel,

If you sweat while kicking up gravel.

For example, for northern folk,

A hot, dark night is only a joke.

It’s always bright when it could be hot,

I bet most never gave it a thought.

Same with lightning, only when bright,

The flashes don’t do much in the summer night.

I got surprised in China in June,

It was boiling while looking at the moon.

Also, the “winter” doesn’t last long,

No such thing in Shanghai or Hong Kong.

That’s one of the best things one can learn,

Unexpected and incredible. Makes me yearn.