Resurrection machine

In the far-away future, we can resurrect the dead,

With just a piece of bone a new being can be bred.

We tried using it to on our loved ones who passed,

But the memories were blank no matter what we asked.

First we were depressed, oh what a failure!

But then it hit us and we celebrated gailyer.

Blank-slate humans are perfect for tests:

Psychological research without learned pests.

That also failed, can’t generalize

The results into other, real gals and guys.

So now we just use them as slaves and that’s it.

They’ll work for whatever we want to see fit.

I conditioned mine to love being sat on.

It works for days and from dusk till dawn.

Once in a week I use it as a chair

And it praises its master, finds it more than fair.

Not what we wanted from the resurrection machine,

But it’s better than nothing, my home’s very clean