Sawdust in the air

I was sawing some planks into pieces today, and this started playing in my head to the tune of Walking in the air, composed by Howard Blake.


Sawdust in the air

Floating in the clear, blue sky

My lungs are full of it, as well as are my eyes


I already lost my sight

And it burns like hell, it’s true

The sky, it now looks brown, for me not perfect blue


The fungi and the mold

Have found their brand new home in me

Took over everything, from forehead to my knee


I cough blood in the night and I scratch my eyes

My throat is dry, my sheets are red, a wonderful surprise


Sawdust in the air

My head feels so very light

The noises far away, the lamps always so bright


The doctors say, it’s too late, what happens now, we know

I don’t believe, this is real, it can’t be my time yet to go


Sawdust in the air

Floating in the clear, blue sky

Like the sawdust did for me, the clouds are passing by


Nine in ten

I’m reading a book on the most up-to-date information on the native peoples of the Americas. The diseases brought from Europe were simply unbelievable in their destructiveness.


Nine in ten dead from burning sores

Families, towns wiped out.

Piles of bodies, scores and scores,

How can there ever be any doubt?

Bustling cities, now no one in sight,

Farms taken back once again.

Entire peoples taken by blight

Nine in ten, nine in ten, nine in ten.

Smallpox, typhoid, measles are

Not known for much kindness.

Traditional healing arts from afar

Were like milk for blindness.

Immigrants from beyond the water

Came to see the destruction.

Told their sons and daughters

“This is all God’s construction.”

Took the lands that used to be

Homes to millions of mothers.

Tilled the soil, cut down the tree

Not much unlike the others.


A week of lying bed and comatoseing to the fullest without being able to eat much makes one appreciate food.

I got sick and I couldn’t chew much,

Soupification was my new crutch.

Soupify bananas and apples at eight,

Forgot the peels, down at any rate.

Blend a potato with water and salt,

Can’t taste it, the disease’s fault.

Zucchinis and carrots combinedly concocted,

Sore teeth or gums will not be shock-ted.

Merge vanilla ice with chocolate flavor,

I really can’t, but i still try to savor.

Fuse together audio books with sleep,

Harry’s nice story now has more sheep.

Mix up TV and hallucinations,

A history show on future generations.

Soupifying life with sickness ain’t fun,

But with soupifying, you will get done.