The race

I downloaded a rather sizable patch for a game, during which the download speed stuttered and leaped in an unforeseeable manner. It reminded me of a race.


There goes the signal and the race is on!

The contestants are away, vanished, gone!

#1 takes the lead with gigantic leaps

#3 is advancing in graceful sweeps.

#2 left stuttering behind in the dust,

#4 still at the start line, thinking, nonplussed.

#1 cruises on, victory secure

The only thing left now is to ensure-

At the start line, a flash of light!

#4 disappeared, completely out of sight!

The crowd goes crazy!? Where is #4?

At the finish line already? Hear them roar!

The download contest is done, winner: #4!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new high score!


Less than human

Somebody will always think

That you are less than human.

Because your tone is India ink

Or you didn’t support Truman.

Europeans thought so landing in the west,

Them on it once more kidnapping peoples:

“The natives died, our great God put them to the test!

Whip them low and high, and lift up the steeples!”

It seems we need a reason

In order to think so

God never out of season

How about no?

How about, if we think

Someone else is lesser,

Stopping on the very brink,

Not becoming the oppressor.

How about we listen

To what our conscience sings,

Instead of the lack of christen’

Or the allure of the “ka-ching!”s.?

You can’t be many things alone

I like people.


You can’t be quite many things alone.

Like nice or fat or in a gender zone.

Being nice requires a friend,

Fat or thin is arbitrary in the end,

Gender’s something we think there’s two.

(To make it easy to go to the loo)

You can’t be a Scot with no one around.

Makes no diff if you’re whitened or browned.

You can’t be a king if there’s no people,

Or a beggar if there is no steeple.

You can’t be smart with no one to hear,

Neither stupid without any seer.

You can’t be good with no one to help.

Bad is hard to pull off with just kelp.

I kinda like it how we need one another,

Most things we do are real only with a brother.