Selective complaining

Take a bullet in the face and walk away fine,

Saving and loading when playing offline,

NPC’s standing in their shops all day,

Heroes that never have anything to say.

“I don’t see a thing to complain on this list,

When I play, these things don’t make me pissed,

But sound in space and I’m outraged!

The hero’s too old, she should be teenaged!

That’s totally not how afterburners work!

The detail’s all wrong, it’s a dagger, not a dirk!

Game devs are dumb, dumb or just asses

They should take some physics and history classes!”

Fans discussing games is often like this,

Selective complaining, a communal hiss.

I don’t find it fun, but I hope they do

Otherwise it’s a useless indignation stew.


Stopping light

I stopped a photon to ask where it’s going,

It answered me sounding positively glowing.

“I came from the sun where I was made,

On the way to earth, eight minutes, I played.

In the atmosphere I slowed down a bit,

Looking down I saw the desert I would hit.

Closer and closer to a small black panel,

Maintained by people dressed in flannel,

When I met it, I gave it some heat,

Which then powered a rocky half beat.

I bounced off and was caught by you,

And now I’m waiting what you will do.”

Nothing more, thank you dear light,

I wanted to hear your story so bright.

I’ve kept you here for one hot minute,

Time to let you go, go ahead and spin it.

“Thank you mister, nice to have a chat,

I’m heading for space, lonely as a bat.”

Today’s findings are: light can talk,

New tests tomorrow at 9 o’clock.