Memories of my death

I can remember that I was held under

Long enough for my lungs to tear themselves asunder.

I can remember trying to fight back,

Without any breath, my body just a sack.

I can remember that I screamed and screamed,

Screamed so long I thought I dreamed

The time without screaming, the drowning and pain,

Screamed until I broke, I was no longer sane.

Then, if I’m right, I think I died,

I… I think I actually died.

If I died… Then am I a ghost?

Doomed to wander this bleak coast.

I remember my death. What now?

I can’t stay, I must move on? But how?


Maybe the worst hurt

It hurts when I stub my toe,

I might swear and blood might flow.

It hurts when someone calls me names

Not those ones like Jack or James.

It hurts most when I’m wrong,

When someone else’s reasoning’s strong.

When I think a thing objectively not true

I have to change and that tears me in two.

I feel stupid and reluctant to change,

Admitting my mistake does annoy and estrange.

Reading, talking, watching TV,

Can all lead to a more-annoyed-me.

I wish I learned to, instead of a pain,

Feel it in a different part of my brain.

Think that it’s fun when I’m proven wrong,

Just as fun as playing a new song.

I have a long way ahead of me, I know,

If I can’t learn this, I won’t grow.

Hail surprise

Cycling with a friend, slipping on the ice,

Despite our bruises, the weather is nice.

Not cold enough to freeze our fingers or toe-sies,

Not hot enough for the crying of the trees.

Three miles to go, nothing much to it,

Is what I think naively, later I admit.

Suddenly something hard hits my eye,

Forehead and cheek, it came from the sky.

I hear an “OW!” and look at my friend,

Who squints her eyes to fight and fend

The hail from the sky, tiny sharp pellets,

Crusaders of winter, Jack Frost’s zealots.

Smoothly cruising becomes quite a task,

Trudging on wheels, for which you’d need a mask.

A small amount of water with the right temp,

Turned our waltz into dancing with hemp.

Two weeks later we reach our objective.

At least in our minds; Time is subjective.

A bit too much walking

I like walking just a bit too much,

When the foot aches on every single touch,

When your back hurts because of your backpack,

It really helps you get your mind on track.

A body too tired is good for the mind,

It’s a good way to be really brain-kind.

All the dumb worries go right out the door,

If you’re so tired you have to lie on the floor.

When puddles soak your feet all the way to the bone,

Your body wants to, but your head can’t moan.

Afterwards, too, is good for your spirit,

Every single bench will receive great merit,

Your tired muscles help you appreciate

Every little thing ending up on your plate.

The bad things: boils and a ditch nosedive,

Would you look at that, make you feel alive!

At the dentist

At the dentist I’m thinking about stuff,

Ruffling through my pockets, finding fluff.

Observing the ambience, classical tunes,

Anatomy posters and colorful balloons.

Wonder if monkeys marry and “OOOWW!”

Something hit a nerve and the thought said “Ciao!”

Take a deep breath and try to continue,

Just one moment: flexing of sinew.

Drilling ensures the fate of the arm rests,

I would beat the National grip strength tests.

A moment of solace when the bits are exchanged,

A moment, in which my will becomes arranged.

My happy place gets one more dweller,

In my bed reading my favorite best seller.

“That wasn’t so bad, or what do you think?

Come back next week.” She said with a wink.

Cheeky ache

My cheeks hurt very often.


I like bad things that are very small

And caused by good things after all.

Some small pain left by pleasure,

Like headache after a liquid measure.

A cheeky ache from too much smiling

And 0-700-laughter dialing.

A sunlight-induced ocular sting:

Summer’s about to make a byswing.

A burn like this is when I know:

I won a prize in life’s game show.

Wall climbing

I went today, it was fun.


I looked up and wondered if I could

Thought for a moment and knew that I would.

Left foot there, right foot here

Grip that and that and have no fear.

My fingers shake and my nails start to crack.

I can feel the burn in my arms and my back.

I almost fall and my heart just stops

My grip hold and some joint pops.

There’s a sharp pain that I don’t feel

Too busy climbing like a vertical eel.

Finally I fall but I have the rope.

I rest while wondering what I grope.

Fix my foot and search for a hold

Pounce like a cat, quick and bold.

Slip and fall and hit my knee

I don’t care, try number three.

Third times the charm as we all know

I’m all the way up and I just glow.

Go back down and try thrice more.

My mind is flying and my body is sore.

When my grip softens to that of a child

Pain in my cheeks because I smiled.

I forgot there’s a ton of things to do

When my fingers were busy turning blue.

I didn’t remember to feel no good

When I tried and I noticed I could.

I didn’t worry about anything at all

When I was too busy climbing a wall.