Mushroom tracks

I went for a walk today, and happened upon a dozen parasols. They’re delicious, beautiful, and made me think. The perfect mushroom.


Imagine a field,

At night when you don’t see,


The mushrooms break free.

The moss shakes slightly,

Moved by the cap,

Shoved aside quite politely,

Makes way for the curious chap.

It will not stop,

They will always keep pushing,

While you sleep, shop,

Very slowly, never ambushing.

The only signs

You ever might see,

Upturned moss on the sidelines,

Innocuous cap, standing carefree.

When you walk,

Do you look at what’s around?

Might come as a shock,

There’s more to be found.


Close to nature

I always wanted to live in the wilds.

Like animals with their innocence of child’s.

It’s just that it’s often cold and wet,

And, if not, then covered in sweat.

It’s not fun and you might even die,

That’s why I got an implant in my thigh.

It covers me with artificial fur,

Soft and warm and scented like myrrh.

I can sleep, in winter or fall,

Under an oak, not cold or wet at all.

I found a foxhole in its old roots,

Stuffed with hair and over ripe fruits.

The foxes adopted me right there and then,

The scent of my fur was the perfectest ten.

Not just close to it, I’m all the way in.

Thanks to implants hidden under my skin.

Cloud burners

If you pay your attention to the sky,

You might see things missed by a fly.

White fluffy clouds sometimes turn black,

It’s the cloud burners and their sneak attack.

They sneak up with their tinderbox,

Strike some sparks with their flinty rocks.

They set the cotton candy clouds on fire

For reasons unknown, maybe it’s ire.

The clouds burn up and blacken all the way,

Then they cry for the rest of the day.

That’s the description of why it rains.

The product of clouds and their grisly pains.

When they stop crying is when they die,

Crisp and cinder gone from the sky.

Beauty of nature

I had a friend who said nature is grand.

From the tallest mountains to grains of sand.

From the great bones of Tyrannosaurus rex.

To the slender beauty of giraffes long necks.

I do agree, some things are amazing,

But it does good to do some close appraising.

The necks of giraffes are also used for fighting,

Swatting away at others, violent, writhing.

It’s quite hilarious seen the first time,

Not just great, grandiose and sublime.

Then there’s the way that dogs drag their butts,

Every single dog, not just mangy mutts.

There’s some stuff that’s downright creepy,

Assassin bugs and wasps that make you sleepy.

And the fact that animals don’t care if you die,

You’re food or a threat to fox or a fly.

I don’t mean to rain on his parade,

But a flawed outlook won’t come to your aid.


There are weird things you can’t know.

Based on where you live, although,

You can learn quite a lot if you travel,

If you sweat while kicking up gravel.

For example, for northern folk,

A hot, dark night is only a joke.

It’s always bright when it could be hot,

I bet most never gave it a thought.

Same with lightning, only when bright,

The flashes don’t do much in the summer night.

I got surprised in China in June,

It was boiling while looking at the moon.

Also, the “winter” doesn’t last long,

No such thing in Shanghai or Hong Kong.

That’s one of the best things one can learn,

Unexpected and incredible. Makes me yearn.

Fantastic plants

I read a book on fantastic plants,

Like the currant bush that grows hot pants,

If you have one on your yard,

You can design your business card.

Natural hot pants, fresh from the print,

Depending on the soil, a different tint.

The was also one type of kelp,

Who’s really good at offering help.

If you’re drowning and they grow there,

They will tell you to breathe some air.

The help’s not useful, but keeps on coming,

When you’re dead they’ll try to wake you by humming.

The best thing, though is the owlifying tree,

It makes hooting noises and shapes you see,

Shapes of an owl so you’d think they are real,

When actually they are an illusionary deal.

It’s some sort of conspiracy of nature,

To make people think that there’s such a creature

That can turn its head around and speaks with a “Hooo!”

Sounds a bit silly, but people think it’s true.

Signs of summer

It snowed today but the banks didn’t stick,

This means summer is coming real quick!

Ears didn’t freeze and I woren’t a wool hat,

Soon I’ll tan and swat at a gnat!

The birches have atoms with a greenish tint,

Soon, a sun so bright you will have to squint!

I’ll lie in the sun and not move a muscle,

Just feel the wind give my hair a soft tussle.

Signs of summer in the north are precious;

The summer is tight and the winter real spacious.

When you see even the smallest hint,

You take your hammock and then you sprint.

Enjoy the sun and the warmth so frail.

In a short while it’s replaced by hail.