X-men powers

What would I do if I had x-men powers?

I wouldn’t hesitate or think for hours.

Cyclops’ laser eyes are handy for cooking,

No need for a stove, I’d just do some looking

And the onions would be sautéed to perfection,

Later to be eaten by objects of my affection.

Wolverine’s claws could open all the letters,

Persuasion +10 when chased by debtors.

Also, good for chopping up an onion

Chopping them cleanly, like trees with Paul Bunyan.

Being telepathic, like Professor X,

Could stop an international annex.

Also, I’d know if onions are ok to cook

For my guests without asking, just a quick look.

In summary I’d say, the powers would be pretty cool

All of them help polish that culinary jewel.


Heart tree

There is a tree in the forest back there,

The squirrels climb up it, with utmost care,

Twice as long as with any other tree,

Go have a look if you happen to be free.

I was told it calls out to the wilds,

Reaching minds that are close to a child’s,

Beckons them close, welcoming home,

They settle there and stop their roam.

The old ones lie down next to it to sleep,

Feeding it if the dreams become deep.

It tends the garden: all the other ones,

Snipping their trunks if they grow too many tons.

It reaches out with a hand of thought,

Crushes their veins, waits for the rot.

It awaits the day when one of them grows,

Gains its sentience, learns and knows.

There will be a battle of wills of oak.

It will end in cinder and smoke.