The best in life

You know when you laugh so hard you can’t stop?

So hard that your lungs feel like they’re gonna pop,

Tears stream down your wobbling cheeks,

Down to your jaw in two wet streaks.

That feeling right there is what it’s about,

The reason why I live, there is no doubt.

Afterward it hurts and I’m gasping for air

I don’t even care that I fell off of my chair.

When the giggles die down and I settle down,

My mind is clear and my brow has a frown,

As I try not to think about what made me laugh,

Fail, and fall down like a newborn calf.

Rinse and repeat or half an hour or so,

The world is pure as with fresh, white snow.


This was caused by a YouTube video where a man reads out loud misspellings of the word pregnant for two minutes. The video title is “how is pragent formed”, if someone wants to cackle like a hyena.



Stuff I noticed

Whenever you crack up and let yourself go,

Let your teeth clatter and your laughter flow,

Not a single worry will ever, ever stay,

Was a thing I noticed on a very funny day.

If you smile the first thing in the morning,

Hug people you like with absolutely no warning,

It might keep their frowns at bay,

Was a thing I noticed on a very good day.

If you think too much about every single creak,

Or about the book you read last week,

You’ll be on the under-blanket highway,

Was a thing I noticed on a very scary day.

If you toss and turn on your bed,

Sweat and gasp till you’re almost dead,

Go for a run and feel ok,

Was a thing I noticed on a very hot day.

You’re never as special as you would think,

It’s not that bad if the world did sink,

If someone’s nasty you don’t back away,

Was a thing I learned on a sharp-thinky day.

If you wake up with your dreams not done,

You don’t get to stuff your face with a bun,

You might get angry with the people who play,

Was a thing I noticed on a very busy day.

If you run and run and huff and puff,

Fight with a bear who’s more than tough,

Just like Buddha you’ll relax all the way.

Was a thing I noticed on a tiring day.

The world is stuff you think and do,

It’s picking the way that’s right for you,

I can see many more wonderful ways,

With all the stuff I noticed on all of my days.

Cheeky ache

My cheeks hurt very often.


I like bad things that are very small

And caused by good things after all.

Some small pain left by pleasure,

Like headache after a liquid measure.

A cheeky ache from too much smiling

And 0-700-laughter dialing.

A sunlight-induced ocular sting:

Summer’s about to make a byswing.

A burn like this is when I know:

I won a prize in life’s game show.