Gigantic cleaning

I got the inspiration for this while cleaning the house. I wonder how that happened…


A gigantic giant was cleaning his house,

(In my mind my hometown) and me just a louse.

He took a hoover, a jumbo jet long,

Hoovering the houses while singing his song

“Clean-thing cleans things till they’re good clean,

When things aren’t clean I get really mean.”

Not that clever, but gets to the point

Unlike some people we like to anoint…

Hoovered me in, me and my flat,

Sucked into the vortex, just like that.

Anticipating death in the darkness and the cold,

I was greeted by lamps quite functional but old.

The earlier round of people, giantly inhaled,

Had built a society that phoned and mailed.

My home landed right on the best real estate,

Right next to my I-thought-you’re-dead-best-mate.

As misfortunes go, I got pretty lucky,

After all, ho ho, it could’ve been more sucky.


Air plane racing

If I was a pilot, I’d race on the sky,

With other pilots, like Schumacher-fly.

Take a Concorde and do jet-trail loops,

Around the Jumbo with sound-speed swoops.

Fly under a Boeing to see if they notice,

Over a Cessna and try to do a lotus.

Honk at an Airbus taking kids home,

Opened windows, skin of chrome.

A Hindenburg shark, slow, gentle giant,

Me a remora and it as my client.

I see a Piper, a herd of planes following,

Because they fly: No river swallowing.

I think in the sky is where I belong,

But I might be jobless in not very long.