Twisting words

Twisting words is for crooks,

This applies to politics and writing books.

All those synonyms, as if they were needed,

Rules of clarity go all but unheeded.

Languages as well, some are seedy,

Grammatical rules with exceptions are needy.

I learned Spanish in school,

The teachers took me for a fool:

Conjugating verbs, distorting their meaning

I wouldn’t have it, so I did some cleaning.

I got a fail on every exam,

Past perfect tense? I don’t give a damn.

That is why I’m now learning Chinese.

No conjugation, the grammar’s just a breeze.


Source of fighting

Whenever I see people fighting,

With words or electrically neat handwriting,

Their opinions might not even really differ,

But still they make the atmosphere a lot stiffer.

If it’s not people who want to be mean,

They want to agree if they’re over eighteen.

And if they can’t, it’s because of this:

Miscommunication, a communication miss.

People not talking about the same thing

Trying to straighten a small piece of string,

Pulling different ones with severe frustration,

At the same time feeling social starvation:

“Why don’t you get it, it’s this one here!

Close your mouth and open your ear!”

Their misunderstanding is difficult to get,

It’s easier to blame the other person instead.

Taking one step back to take a good look,

Might, in the end, be only what it took,

To see how the foe was always a friend.

Which makes it easy to re-befriend.