Asking for a ballot

If you get to tell people what they should do

And they have to do what you say or you might sue,

You will get used to this treating quite unequal,

And if you get paid well, your story has a sequel.

You think you’re better just because of your position,

Like you had gotten some superhuman-like condition.

This happens to everyone, no matter what,

Which is why politics is so full of smut.

If you’re a person you will be corrupted

By the power and the high, both uninterrupted.

So why would I vote for anyone at all?

If I know that, in the end, they’ll drop the ball?

Ask for my ballot and I’ll have a question:

Are you a human? If yes, bad suggestion.

If you are not, but an A.I. for example,

I’ll change my mind and my support will be ample