Inconsistency in the ice

Holiday in Antarctica is really nice,

We found an inconsistency in the ice.

A section that’s almost as transparent as the rest,

Inspected up close, like two people abreast.

When touched, it felt warmer than any of our hands,

So we canceled all of our previous plans.

Decided to stay there for a while,

Lie on the ice, beach-holiday style.

A blizzard was raging above and all around,

And we, just chilling, our clothes on the ground.

The sunscreen we packed found more than just our faces,

While we tanned in the UV radiation’s embraces.

The holiday was quite not what I expected,

Better than the plans, I stand corrected.


Dane the duck

Ducks on a winter morning

Freezing their feet without warning.

Dane the duck, foot in the puddle,

He can’t move but he’d really like to cuddle.

Quacking to others to help him unstick,

What could they do? They’d have to be quick.

The farmer is coming, his mood sour,

He crushed his finger while he was making flour.

If Dane doesn’t move, he will surely die,

As the object of the wrath of the farmer can’t fly.

Time is ticking, the ducks are quacking

The farmer is coming, the ice isn’t cracking.

Dane prepares for what soon will come,

Gets surprised as he gets some

Kinetic energy from the farmers boot,

Breaks free and gets happy. “Hoot hoot!”

So happy he forgot that he was a duck,

As per his fate and a load of bad luck.