The race

I downloaded a rather sizable patch for a game, during which the download speed stuttered and leaped in an unforeseeable manner. It reminded me of a race.


There goes the signal and the race is on!

The contestants are away, vanished, gone!

#1 takes the lead with gigantic leaps

#3 is advancing in graceful sweeps.

#2 left stuttering behind in the dust,

#4 still at the start line, thinking, nonplussed.

#1 cruises on, victory secure

The only thing left now is to ensure-

At the start line, a flash of light!

#4 disappeared, completely out of sight!

The crowd goes crazy!? Where is #4?

At the finish line already? Hear them roar!

The download contest is done, winner: #4!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new high score!



Adults are not children, that’s not news.

The former are bigger and can untie their shoes,

Walk on paths well-worn well before.

The latter explore much closer to the floor.

Leave it to a child to find a hole in the fence,

Or testing how many meters and cents

Is between the roofs of the neighboring houses

And if you can construct a bridge from blouses.

A bird cherry tree lived where I as well,

I tested every branch, and my mom did yell.

Something about safety, and fracturing bones,

I fell down many times, sometimes on stones.

Not an injury in sight, not counting the scrapes,

While finding out where you can harmlessly traipse,

Where you can clamber, where you can creep,

Where you’re not seen, and where you can sleep.

The bark of a bird cherry is not soft,

But I used it as a bed more than quite oft.

Where am I going? I don’t know.

Exploratory danger made me grow?

Morning exercise

I woke up earlier than my friend,

Had to be quiet, did not want to pretend

To still be asleep, so I went out

Lay on the ground, grass under snout.

I breathed in and extended my back,

Felt the movement of the muscles, then felt the crack.

It didn’t hurt, just woke me up,

No pain whatsoever, yup yup.

Side extensions and planking as well

This Sunday morning was turning out swell.

A silent solace as my body sings,

As I stood up, I noticed my wings.

Kayak trip

I went on a kayak trip today and I’m pooped.

So very tired, muscles too tightly-grouped.

It’s pretty fun, though, fighting the waves,

To use them right, make them my slaves.

90 degrees is just the right angle,

To break their spines and to not entangle.

Against them wasn’t as much fun as with,

Like the difference between the Jedi and the Sith.

The sun, super-hot, might’ve been my death,

But luckily there was a cooling breath,

Caused by the enthusiasm of my technique,

Not that efficient, but good for the physique.

My friends complained something about the splashes

And the unintentional kaya-crashes,

But “Stuff happens to the Doer”, as we say in Finnish,

And our good moods never did diminish.

Afterwards when it was the time for a meal,

The fork felt heavier than a beam of steel.

Warm recommendations from me to you

Kayak if you can, enjoy the endless blue.