King Worthless

I watched the movie The Cell, and I found its subject matter of entering other people’s dreams interesting. I started toying with the thought of a rescue operation of a person stuck in someone else’s world going wrong, which led to this:


They sent me, the one they could spare

To save one of us from the sorcerer’s snare.

Who would have known that this world not true

Would become my home, and I greet you.

Hail, King Worthless! I offer my greetings

In this most auspicious of all possible meetings

I came for a friend in your nightmare land

But it is more familiar than the back of my hand.

I think I will take over and make it my domain

The world you created inside your puny brain.

See? I took your crown without trying

Such a worthless king, cheating and lying

Hoping to keep your subjects in line

If it were me, I would take what is mine

Take it with my power, absolute and awesome,

I will take it all and make this world blossom.

I think it is time for you to not exist

You never were with a flick of my wrist.

Now, my friend, please do not cry,

I think now it is time for you to die.

You are the link to the real world, the last

When you are gone I will not have a past.

I will be king, my reign will be free

Now even God can’t stand before me!


Morning exercise

I woke up earlier than my friend,

Had to be quiet, did not want to pretend

To still be asleep, so I went out

Lay on the ground, grass under snout.

I breathed in and extended my back,

Felt the movement of the muscles, then felt the crack.

It didn’t hurt, just woke me up,

No pain whatsoever, yup yup.

Side extensions and planking as well

This Sunday morning was turning out swell.

A silent solace as my body sings,

As I stood up, I noticed my wings.

Take care of yourself

If I get hungry, I become mean,

Nastiness grows as I become lean.

If I get tired, the wall gets a dent,

I get a bit stabby when I’m all spent.

If you do too, and probably don’t wanna,

Take care of yourself like a green iguana.

Take care of yourself, eat and sleep,

The crapness waves can’t come in and sweep

You into the pit where crap times are had,

Especially so if you lose your dad,

Or mom or anyone you really love,

This is when all of the above

Really take place, mourning hunger,

Sorrow steals dreams from the old and the younger.

If in a bad place, do take care

It’ll make you feel a bit better, I swear.

Pillo the pillow

Pillo the pillow,

When the sleep sails billow,

Sneaking under the whispering willow.

Searching for leaves

Under the eaves

With the intention of harmless thieves.

The leaves he takes

He never breaks

Stuffs in himself, small or big flakes.

This he does

Without any fuss

This he does and only because,

He likes you

Wants to help you through

The sleepless nights and he strikes true.

Pillow flight

I woke up at four,

Not by a snore,

But by my neck that got a bit sore.

It had no support,

Like the French in Agincourt,

So my sleep was cut remarkably short.

Where did it go?

Is it at some pillow-only show?

I was asleep like a baby, so I don’t know.

I looked low and I looked high,

From the corner of my eye,

It was on the shelf, learning to fly.

It jumped into the air

Landed on my chair,

Looked back up with a button-y stare.

Started to climb

Heard my chime

Came back to work during my downtime.

“I get that climbing is fun,

But get your practice done,

During the day when it hurts no one.”