Sawdust in the air

I was sawing some planks into pieces today, and this started playing in my head to the tune of Walking in the air, composed by Howard Blake.


Sawdust in the air

Floating in the clear, blue sky

My lungs are full of it, as well as are my eyes


I already lost my sight

And it burns like hell, it’s true

The sky, it now looks brown, for me not perfect blue


The fungi and the mold

Have found their brand new home in me

Took over everything, from forehead to my knee


I cough blood in the night and I scratch my eyes

My throat is dry, my sheets are red, a wonderful surprise


Sawdust in the air

My head feels so very light

The noises far away, the lamps always so bright


The doctors say, it’s too late, what happens now, we know

I don’t believe, this is real, it can’t be my time yet to go


Sawdust in the air

Floating in the clear, blue sky

Like the sawdust did for me, the clouds are passing by


Folk song surprise

I knew vaguely the tune to an old folk song,

My knowledge of the lyrics was not that strong.

Who cares, it can’t be that bad, right?

A happy melody and rhythm and it sounds really bright.

After singing it twice for practice, I discover,

Much of the content tells of a lover

Who dances with everyone, and rapes a girl

Stabs his brother and steals her pearl.

On the way home he meets their old mom

Calls her a hag, greets her with his palm,

Goes home full with pride of a night well spent…

Well, I’m glad the past is the past and away it went.

Perfect dancing

Music videos with people dancing,

Jumping around, laughing, prancing,

Telling me to dance and to go with the flow,

Enjoy the music with my body as I know.

Perfectly coordinated, they say this,

The 50th take, and the first non-miss.

They say this: “Just feel the beat,

Be yourself no matter who you meet.

But we won’t show you when we mess up,

Never ever have we spilled our tea cup,

Perfect movements in public places,

The smile never fades on our pretty faces.”

How in the duck do I compete with that?

If you saw me flailing, you’d marvel at,

The perfect lack of rhythm and motor coordination,

The presentation of which is a social castration.

For once, once in a blue moon, I’d like to see,

A first try of a choreography on MTV,

With someone cool tripping on their own feet,

But still getting up and rejoining the beat.

That would be better than the biggest flash mob,

Might make the viewers not feel like just a blob.

Sneeze drops the beat

Hearing the n-tss n-tss in your ears

Sitting on the bus with all your peers,

The trees through the window appear in sync

With the beat of the song, and as you blink,

The song slowly heads towards its first climb,

And reaches its peak, perfectly on time

As a neighbor sneezes to signal the drop.

The pressure wave makes both of your ears pop.

The trees match the beat and carry you away,

To another world where nothing can be gray,

Only soft colors of a music video

Where you, as a kid, look for your silly bro.

It takes two minutes and a half-min more

Until the song ends and closes its door.

If you see a person whose eyes are dull,

With headphones covering their round skull,

They were taken away by the beat,

By the feet of the music, light and fleet.

Song titles

Sometimes words don’t mean what they say,

In good songs or in the poem of the day,

There’s metaphors and other tricky stuff,

That’s why I often swallow their bluff,

Take their titles for what they seem to be,

So they become funny, at the very least to me.

Stairway to heaven is about architecture,

A staircase to the sky that will never fracture,

Stretching to the clouds and even beyond,

Funded by someone who is really fond

Of great scenery and endless sights,

And way up there, the starriest nights.

Pink Floyd was quite on the same lines,

Building a brick wall, maybe for vines,

One brick at a time is masonry’s foundation,

A bricklayer’s pride in a bad situation

Won’t be reduced to a pile of rubble,

One brick after another: not a bubble.

Pour some sugar on me, on one hand,

Is sung by someone from Candyland.

Someone with a sweet tooth (or more like a fang).

Whose opinion changed like with a bang,

As he realized breathing sugar is not easy,

After you break a sweat, you’ll feel super sleazy,

And at the onset of the second metric ton,

Shoulders get heavy, now don’t they mon?

I know there’s a meaning deeper than these,

But I enjoyed feeling the lexical breeze.

The CEO Song

I’m a CEO and I’m ok

I never sleep and I work all day!

“He’s a CEO and he’s ok,

He never sleeps and he works all day!”


I cut paychecks,

But raise mine first,

While doing some co-caine!

On workdays I go golfing,

Or get on my private plane!

“He cuts paychecks,

Raises his first,

While he does some co-caine!

On workdays he goes golfing,

Or gets on his very own plane!”


I’m a CEO and I’m ok

I never sleep and I work all day!

“He’s a CEO and he’s ok,

He never sleeps and he works all day!”


I jog and swim,

In camouflage,

I stalk children at night!

I take them from their families,

My alibi’s always tight!

“He jogs and swims,

In camouflage,

He stalks children at night?!

He takes them from their families,

His alibi’s always tight!”


I’m a CEO and I’m ok

I never sleep and I work all day!

“He’s a CEO and he’s ok,

He never sleeps and he works all day!”


I do what I want,

It’s just for my

Work-related stress!

I would go to prison,

If not for my success!

“He does what he wants,

It’s just for his,

Work-related stress!

He would go to prison,

If not for his success!


I’m a CEO and I’m ok

I never sleep and I work all day!

“He’s a CEO and he’s ok,

He never sleeps and he works all day!”