Penguin fuel

Whalers on the Falklands had a dilemma.

They had freshly arrived on their ship “Gemma”,

Butchered some whales and were ready

To turn the blubber into oil, slow and steady.

The dilemma was, there were no trees.

Nothing to burn, no bushes in the breeze.

The next logical step was, of course,

To use penguins for fuel. (I don’t endorse.)

Penguins are fatty under the skin, you see,

For burning purposes, better than a tree.

About nine in ten were thrown into the fires

To fuel the burning of whales before the deadline expires.

Burning penguins enabled the burning of whales,

Still ranks pretty low on the cruelness-scales.

I find this somehow incredibly funny,

Oh the things we do, the things we do for money.


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