Noise pirates

We measure loudness in decibels, yes?

Wanna know what they are? You can’t guess.

Normal speaking is about 70,

70 noise-pirates, for example, out of me

Fly unseen into your cute ears

Trample around, those small-time buccaneers.

Microscopic peg-legs puncturing the drum

Tiny jugs of rum spilled as they fall on their bum.

This stresses the tissue, that, although tough,

Can be damaged if it gets more than enough.

So the louder it is, is, naturally, worse.

Too much traffic and your ear might burst.

If you have earmuffs, then they can’t board

Can’t rape and pillage to add to their hoard.

And trees, for example, make them distracted

They fly whichever way and you’re less impacted.

Remember this in the next anatomy quiz,

The more you know, the better life is.


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