Why don’t you?

“Why don’t you ever make small talk?”

(“Why can You never be silent?

When you sleep or eat or walk

Your barrage unending, violent.”)

“Why don’t you ask more questions?”

(“Why would I when I can just Google everything?

Because all those questions are acts of aggression,

In social belligerence, you are the king.”)

“Why do you never come with when we go out?”

(“Why don’t you like reading a book?

Crap music too loud? What’s that all about?

I can also enjoy Pooh or captain Hook.

“Why don’t you ever make eye contact?

(“Why do you look at me like I’m a car for sale?

Are you interested or is it just an act?

You are the vulture and I’m a beached whale.”)

“Why can’t you be more normal?”

(“Why do you think that that’s what you are?

If I can, for a moment, be informal,

If arrogance gave out titles, you’d be a czar.”)

The tyranny of extroverts has gone too far,

They think that they’re all there is.

Being too polite has left the door ajar,

Fight back, but quietly, after you’ve read this.


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