Child Preservation Zone

I thought about a sand pit, and what it is,

The conclusion I ended up with was this:

A sand pit is a child preservation zone,

CPZA approved, not accident-prone.

A place where the children turn golden brown,

Don’t get spoilt while you’re out on the town.

CPZA (Child preservation zone association)

Has a list of zones with a bad causation.

For example a lake is a bad CPZ.

The small ones get spoilt, turn blue, you see.

A library’s another, too many books.

They cause questions in unending brooks.

You can’t predict where their minds will go,

Your control broken by the information flow.

The good ones are, of course, all traditional,

Churches and schools, benefits unconditional.

Obedience and politeness, the two main aspects

Of our beloved, precious, dear future subjects.

And no one ever heard anything bad taking place

In these bastions of impeccable manners and grace.


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