Cloudberry jam

Cloudberries are difficult to pick, don’t taste as good as many others, but at least they give you something to do. They also have lots of names in English. I wouldn’t have thought that the term bakeapple refers to these small things.


Cloudberry jam is not too sweet

A good, old-fashioned chorish treat.

Taste is decent, and it gives you stuff to do:

Between your teeth, you have a queue

Of cloudberry seeds, waiting to go down,

Stuck in your maw just milling around.

If you ever want to clean your fangs,

You can use your nails or small boomerangs.

Floss is for those who don’t mess about,

And toothpicks, well, they make me pout,

Splintering in everywhichever way they will,

Hindering more than helping until

You have cloudberry seeds and a splinter

And chewing feels like diving in winter,

Prickly and you don’t want to persist;

Cloudberry jam, the Devil-kissed.


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