Maybe the worst hurt

It hurts when I stub my toe,

I might swear and blood might flow.

It hurts when someone calls me names

Not those ones like Jack or James.

It hurts most when I’m wrong,

When someone else’s reasoning’s strong.

When I think a thing objectively not true

I have to change and that tears me in two.

I feel stupid and reluctant to change,

Admitting my mistake does annoy and estrange.

Reading, talking, watching TV,

Can all lead to a more-annoyed-me.

I wish I learned to, instead of a pain,

Feel it in a different part of my brain.

Think that it’s fun when I’m proven wrong,

Just as fun as playing a new song.

I have a long way ahead of me, I know,

If I can’t learn this, I won’t grow.


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