Physical labor

I volunteered for Ilosaarirock 2016 and spent today (and will spend tomorrow) building tents for the festival people. I recommend this sort of activity wholeheartedly.


Physical labor, aching joints

My body is tired, 100 points!

My hand hurts from hammering nails,

My back too from carrying rails.

We built tents for people to stay

Away from the rain and enjoy their day.

Hammering away, we cursed the rain,

But I find discomfort keeps me sane.

Now I can’t move my a-muscle,

Nor can I be asked to raise a fuss-le.

But boy oh boy do I feel good,

My mind became water as my back became wood.

Volunteering at a festival: Two thumbs up!

Ready for tomorrow? My answer’s “Yup!”


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