Cow on a jet ski

I saw a cow on a jet ski, I think,

It went very fast, gone in a blink.

The jet ski bit was easy to deduce,

It zoomed on water, chased by a goose.

The cow-ness was tough, despite the “MOoo!”

She was wearing a vest and obstructed by dew.

How I knew, was the farmer in the rear,

On another jet ski showing no fear,

Cursing loudly at the bovine’s back:

“Come back to me you flesh and milk sack!

You belong to me, as I owned your dam!

How dare you escape, you future ham!”

To me she had good reason to run,

But I could see her chances were quite close to none.

The farmer had called a gun-toting friend,

Who ended the escape attempt in the end.

An end is an end, be it your or me,

Even if you’re able to operate a jet ski.


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