Random kindness

In the train a mom with her kids and bags,

The former small, latter heavy with rags.

Two hands too few for carrying it all,

The children want to help but they are too small.

A stranger comes and offers two hands,

Taking a moment from pre-made plans.

Random kindness, always around

Don’t need to look closely for it to be found.

Someone wrote an article online

On how he was raped when he was nine.

People commenting, unlike I expected,

Were sympathetic, and I stood corrected.

“Sorry for the hardships you had to endure

I’m happy your future is now more secure.”

Kindness from an anonymous source,

Sometimes hits with unexpected force.

I went for a walk feeling abnormally blue,

I was stumped, didn’t know what to do.

I sat down and started to cry,

Sobbing quite loud, wailing quite high.

A stranger sat by me and blinked,

Then hugged me sideways, let go and winked

With a smile that said it’ll be all ok,

He left without words, just walked away.

A moment of humanity was all I needed

Random kindness won’t go unheeded.


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