Dual wielding swords

I watched a YouTube video on historical martial arts. Apparently dual wielding two swords was mainly quite silly, whereas a sword and a dagger were a good combination.


Swords were normally used with a shield

Or just alone, single-wield.

Using two, from a real point of view,

Is for those who don’t have a clue.

Dual wielding in Dark Souls is pretty cool

As the character won’t stumble like a huge fool.

Drizzt Do’Urden used it as well,

And, as proven, it made the books sell.

It sounds like a source of a flurry of steel,

Barring a mistake that makes the metal squeal.

Double long blades is only for sport,

But if one of them happens to be short,

Now that’s an idea, for a riposte,

Or a counterattack worth a foaming toast.

Parry with the dagger, lunge with the sword,

That strikes a real, medieval chord.

(Also, war hammers, maces and such,

Weighed about two pounds, not that much,

About as heavy as the ones who do the poking,

Which is not related, just thought provoking.)


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