Hair of foam

I went to the market where they have it all,

Someone to serve you, save you from a fall.


They sold children to use in shops,

Urchins to steal, can’t be caught by cops.

Factory girls with the nimblest hands

Musically talented ones for your bands.

They sold adults, weak and blind,

With a thousand stories, thoughtfully refined,

They sold elders to care for your young,

With soft eyes that teared up as they sung.

Hard-skinned strong ones to take on the hunt,

Acrobatics masters for the thousandth stunt.

Beauties of mind and body all around,

But missing the one that I just hadn’t found.

I asked around but couldn’t find a hint,

The tiresome day turned my feet into flint.

Once more frustrated, I returned home.

Without my love with her hair of foam,

Her voice of waves, sunshine in the eyes,

Her great strength to life me to the skies.

Take me down under to see what lies beneath,

I didn’t find her in her blue-green wreath.


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