Secret of niceness

“Can you tell me why that man is so nice?

I don’t even know him, just rolling some dice.

But he seems like a pal who hugs really well,

With a big laugh and a gingerbread smell.

I bet, if I shared with him some of my troubles,

He would advise me, not bursting my bubbles.”

I looked at where my friend was looking

To see what this nicest stranger had cooking.

“Well, you see what he has on his face,

A great big beard that’s in a growth race,

With a moustache climbing up his cheeks.

They could hold food to sustain him for weeks.

There is the secret and the hidden reason,

Furry is nice and it’s always in season.

Why do you think we think bears are nice?

They’re super furry, as some cats and mice.

Furry equals friendly in our monkey brains,

Good news for us with great hair gains.

You’re my friend as I have a beard,

And you’d likely leave if I ever sheared.”

I watched amazement dawn in his eyes,

As he was computing my fresh advice.

“Holy monkeys Friendman! You’re absolutely right!

I’ll start growing one with all my might!”


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