Perfect dancing

Music videos with people dancing,

Jumping around, laughing, prancing,

Telling me to dance and to go with the flow,

Enjoy the music with my body as I know.

Perfectly coordinated, they say this,

The 50th take, and the first non-miss.

They say this: “Just feel the beat,

Be yourself no matter who you meet.

But we won’t show you when we mess up,

Never ever have we spilled our tea cup,

Perfect movements in public places,

The smile never fades on our pretty faces.”

How in the duck do I compete with that?

If you saw me flailing, you’d marvel at,

The perfect lack of rhythm and motor coordination,

The presentation of which is a social castration.

For once, once in a blue moon, I’d like to see,

A first try of a choreography on MTV,

With someone cool tripping on their own feet,

But still getting up and rejoining the beat.

That would be better than the biggest flash mob,

Might make the viewers not feel like just a blob.


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