Growing a tail

I have a feeling I’m growing a tail.

I can feel an itch, like a crawling snail,

Near my tailbone, which makes a lot of sense.

The anticipation is making me tense!

I hope it’s a cute one, like one of a squirrel,

Otherwise I’ll need a quick tail-doc referral.

On the other hand, if it’s very bony,

I can be a dog whisperer, and not just a phony.

Besides, it’s way easier to clean bone well

Than fur, but it does have that graveyard smell…

Oh! It could be one that enables flight,

Now I’ll pay back seagulls with a bite!

They can’t escape my Super Mario skills,

I’ll spin my tail like the best windmills.

(One week later, let’s see how it went

Now that we found a place with time machines for rent.)

The itch I got so excited about?

No, an awesome tail did not sprout.

Just a small rash in my low-lower back.

I shouldn’t keep snakes in my school backpack…


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