Petrified bee

In the book of Finnish mythology, there was a passage about an interesting good-luck charm. These might be difficult to find these days due to the lack of public hangings.


If a thief was hanged and the body slumped down,

Look under it, really look around.

If you find yourself a fresh petrified bee,

Take it quickly so no one can see.

It will bring luck so keep it close,

Put it in a box, keep it under your clothes,

Every now and then feed it blood or spit,

It’ll make you rich so don’t lose it.

The soul of the dead thief, much like the living,

Prefers taking to any kind of giving,

But as it’s now a part of you,

It’ll take from others and give you some too.

The petrified soul will make you wealthy,

If you keep it fed, content and healthy.


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