Summoning the bear

According to the mythology book, it was possible to summon a bear to do harm to a neighbor you did not like. It was only one quick incantation away, but as the bear was a god of sorts, people did not appreciate greedy or envious people taking advantage of the noble beast. Punishment was often quick and effective.


A neighbor of yours is suspiciously successful?

Are his cattle fat and sheep stocked with wool?

You can bring bad luck to him if you will,

If you wish, you can even kill,

Some cattle of his or maybe an ox.

You don’t even need one of his hemp socks.

All you need is a to call upon the king

Of the northern forest, the mightiest thing.

Summon a bear, the holiest of ours,

Summon one bear and use his great powers.

Climb up a tree your backside first,

Recite this spell and prepare for the worst.

“Presence of gods, filled with beauty,

Come when I need, fulfill your duty,

Kill me the best mare from his stable,

All of his oxen if you are able.”

It will come and do its task,

Spill blood and marrow as you did ask.

Hate every minute and wail in pain,

Its pain doubling for each one slain.

A bear on its own never harms our kin,

If it does, a man is under its skin.

Defiling the holy in such a cruel way,

If seen, your body will swing and sway.


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