Fat and dusty

Once there was a pig,

Who grew from small to big,

By eating everything, I mean every single bit

He and his friends, they’d never quit.

He had a rule: You snooze you lose,

“If you stay hungry, you’re lazy!” he’d accuse.

His friends thought the same, that famous Fat Four,

They’d push and shove to get more and more.

One choked on a piece of bone he inhaled,

“Hah, he died, look at how he failed!”

A three-way struggle to see who’d win,

The pig learned a new trick, and with a grin,

Ate all the air and watched by while

The others suffocated and fell down in a pile.

“I guess it’s clear who the real winner’s.

One class better than all those beginners.

Oh my, the air here is getting a bit musty…”

And soon his body lay fat and dusty.


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