Satyr man

I played Dark Souls 3 yesterday. It is a pretty damn amazing game. This is inspired by a run through an unknown area in the swampy parts of the game.

I ran on the Swamp of Noxious Fumes,

Speeding past slugs and ancient tombs.

The poison seeping through my boots,

Stumbling over bodies and roots.

I see a big man and a much bigger sword,

Run like hell from this Hades’ lord.

Past trees and bones and still more slugs

I come to a clearing with no signs of bugs.

See a sky-gazing two-legged creature

With one distinguishing, alarming feature.

In addition to being nine feet tall,

With muscles perfectly made for a brawl.

It had a skull of a goat for a head,

As I saw this, I stopped dead.

The sword lord attacked this satyr in rage,

Was beaten to a pulp with his own ribcage.

I stared at the scene in amazement, awe,

The satyr turned to me with a blood dripping maw.

I started running, slowed down by the bog,

Bouncing behind me, hidden in the fog

I heard a laugh that froze my heart.

Stumbled and fell, was torn apart.


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