Lazy fame

I’m quite lazy, not a very hard worker,

A well-known mindless labor shirker.

My family knows me as do my friends,

Never ask me to finish their odds and ends.

I met a person for the first time

And she said, at the drop of a dime:

“You’re that guy, the super lazy one!

You’re pretty famous under the sun.”

I didn’t mind that as it’s quite true.

And it made me likeable in her view.

But that still wasn’t the peak of my fame,

To be quite honest, that was still quite lame.

The peak, the zenith happened one slow day,

Breakfast time, my mind of hay.

I took an apple to start my early feast,

And it spoke up, it’s tongue now released.

“Oh you’re the lackadaisical Letharg of now!

I’m so out of words! I mean wow! Just wow!

I can peel myself to save you the trouble,

You can just stay there and stroke your stubble.

Just point me towards the peeling knife

I’ll do my best to enable your life.”

And so it did, with the knife not sharp

While whistling a tune that sounded like a harp.

As I thanked it quite confounded,

It said “no prob” and left me astounded.

It appreciated my lazy and helped me with haste.

And I just appreciated its sweet taste.


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