Soul of Cinder

The final enemy at the end of my journey,

The very last jouster in my third tourney.


Ash and soot, sand made into glass,

The sun eclipsed by a dark, black mass.

I climb the hill onto an ash plain,

Ready myself to be once again slain.

Soul of Cinder, a man of fire,

Somehow familiar, fierce and dire.

We start the duel, I break sweat,

I’m reminded by someone I have met.

The Soul of Cinder made me cry,

Not because I would die and die,

(As opponents go, he was fair,

He took me on, shoulders square.)

It was the music that started to play,

Amidst the black sky and ground of gray.

The piano I heard such a long time ago

Such sweet sadness, gentle and slow,

Gwyn, Lord of Cinder was there once more,

Entered my memories and opened a door.

I forgot where I was, just for a flash,

Was beaten to a pulp, ground into the ash.

No time for nostalgia in the middle of a fight,

Not even when it burns incandescently bright.

Dark Souls, I will always remember,

The search for humanity, for the feeble ember.


Species instructor

I’m a species instructor, I am,

From larvae to lobster to a tiny-winy lamb,

When a thing is born I tell them how to be,

Whether in the forest or under the sea.

What I tell them all is eat and mate,

Other stuff is gravy on the side of the plate.

I find they tend to listen quite well,

Because they’re young and they can’t tell,

If I’m full of hot air or much worse,

And if listening to me is more like a curse.

Some fish for example, I instructed to fly,

They spent all their energy jumping quite high.

After a while they all figured out,

They had been had, silly little trout.

I told some bunnies they should eat meat,

Let them loose and took the best seat.

I’ve never ever seen a squirrel move so fast,

As, on its favorite branch, it got harassed,

By a white fur ball, biting its tail.

This, too, was trumped by that one snail,

I told should find a house in a skull,

Which led to a confused laughing gull,

Who woke up with slime on its feathers of the face,

And a disappointed snail savagely on its case.

Some say it’s mean, and I should stop,

Ah, who cares, they’ll never be on top.

Song titles

Sometimes words don’t mean what they say,

In good songs or in the poem of the day,

There’s metaphors and other tricky stuff,

That’s why I often swallow their bluff,

Take their titles for what they seem to be,

So they become funny, at the very least to me.

Stairway to heaven is about architecture,

A staircase to the sky that will never fracture,

Stretching to the clouds and even beyond,

Funded by someone who is really fond

Of great scenery and endless sights,

And way up there, the starriest nights.

Pink Floyd was quite on the same lines,

Building a brick wall, maybe for vines,

One brick at a time is masonry’s foundation,

A bricklayer’s pride in a bad situation

Won’t be reduced to a pile of rubble,

One brick after another: not a bubble.

Pour some sugar on me, on one hand,

Is sung by someone from Candyland.

Someone with a sweet tooth (or more like a fang).

Whose opinion changed like with a bang,

As he realized breathing sugar is not easy,

After you break a sweat, you’ll feel super sleazy,

And at the onset of the second metric ton,

Shoulders get heavy, now don’t they mon?

I know there’s a meaning deeper than these,

But I enjoyed feeling the lexical breeze.

The CEO Song

I’m a CEO and I’m ok

I never sleep and I work all day!

“He’s a CEO and he’s ok,

He never sleeps and he works all day!”


I cut paychecks,

But raise mine first,

While doing some co-caine!

On workdays I go golfing,

Or get on my private plane!

“He cuts paychecks,

Raises his first,

While he does some co-caine!

On workdays he goes golfing,

Or gets on his very own plane!”


I’m a CEO and I’m ok

I never sleep and I work all day!

“He’s a CEO and he’s ok,

He never sleeps and he works all day!”


I jog and swim,

In camouflage,

I stalk children at night!

I take them from their families,

My alibi’s always tight!

“He jogs and swims,

In camouflage,

He stalks children at night?!

He takes them from their families,

His alibi’s always tight!”


I’m a CEO and I’m ok

I never sleep and I work all day!

“He’s a CEO and he’s ok,

He never sleeps and he works all day!”


I do what I want,

It’s just for my

Work-related stress!

I would go to prison,

If not for my success!

“He does what he wants,

It’s just for his,

Work-related stress!

He would go to prison,

If not for his success!


I’m a CEO and I’m ok

I never sleep and I work all day!

“He’s a CEO and he’s ok,

He never sleeps and he works all day!”

A fateful event

(1) It was a tragedy that no one saw coming,

A few minutes before, singing and humming.

(2) It was a tragedy that defined us anew,

The options in our lives were cut down to few.

(3) It was a tragedy that made us grieve,

One of us was much too young to leave.

(1) It was the fart to end all farts,

The smell stopped all of our skipping, young hearts.

(2) Its greatness made us see:

Made us pursue a flatulence degree.

(3) One of us found it funny,

Choked on a laugh, such a young sonny.

Our lives were changed by this event

For better or worse, because of a scent.

We can no longer go back,

To a time before the fateful gas attack.

Warrior architect

My duty is creating warriors and fighters,

Slashers, crushers, voracious biters.

I craft them for worlds of battle and war,

My sole task since the days of yore.

I look at each world and see their need,

Ready my tools, I design and breed.

Set them free for destruction or order,

I have noted: ‘tis not a clear border.

You should see the beauty I have created,

Planets of deserts where a hunger was sated,

Eternal oceans of burning blood,

Tides of bodies avalanching like mud.

Continents cracked, skies torn asunder,

Atmosphere escaping, only death, no thunder.

All so quiet, lifeless and clean,

The marvelous beauty that I have seen!

No, I have never asked for any reason,

It is not my place, nor is it the season.

Tell me of your world, small one, go ahead please,

Is it one I visited? Does it still have trees?

Hmm, I do not think it has been on my list.

No, I am certain, your world has not been kissed.

Your one still breathes, and all do not fight,

Most spend time eating or learning to write.

Not a part of my plan now, most likely not ever,

Unless… One day I might need a lever…

Fat and dusty

Once there was a pig,

Who grew from small to big,

By eating everything, I mean every single bit

He and his friends, they’d never quit.

He had a rule: You snooze you lose,

“If you stay hungry, you’re lazy!” he’d accuse.

His friends thought the same, that famous Fat Four,

They’d push and shove to get more and more.

One choked on a piece of bone he inhaled,

“Hah, he died, look at how he failed!”

A three-way struggle to see who’d win,

The pig learned a new trick, and with a grin,

Ate all the air and watched by while

The others suffocated and fell down in a pile.

“I guess it’s clear who the real winner’s.

One class better than all those beginners.

Oh my, the air here is getting a bit musty…”

And soon his body lay fat and dusty.