Empty eyes

I notice people, when they think about stuff,

If there’s a decision that maybe is tough,

Their eyes become empty, filled with void

As they go somewhere talked much by Freud.

They stare in the distance through all kinds of matter,

Would not notice a brimming chocolate platter.

You can wave your hand in front of their eyes,

Moon them fully, or tell them lies.

They’ll be too busy thinking ‘bout their stress,

It won’t matter even if you confess

You exchanged their pants with ones made of ants,

That fateful day when talking about grants.

This happens more often if they are starving,

Or if they’re tired from too much bone-carving.

The best thing to do in a case like this

Is to snap your fingers or emit a loud hiss.

They will come to and cease their worry,

A really good trick if you’re in a hurry.

Then you can tell them that they spaced out,

Ask them what’s up, what the worry is about.

Maybe give them a hand, if that’s a can-do,

Two heads and so on, might still be too few.

If you still fail despite your double brain,

At least you escaped from the worry-wart domain.


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