Finding the words

This happens quite often with the people from the wordier countries, who think that silences in conversation are a bit like spiders on one’s face and should therefore be shouted away as quickly as possible. They don’t know the secret of silences being a nice way of having a quick little thinking moment in the midst of a conversation in order to enjoy the communication more.

When I’m speaking to a person who,

Doesn’t share my language, my meow and moo,

And I’m speaking theirs as well as I can,

Mixing up grammar like a proper madman,

Forgetting words and mumbling some

Thinking quite long and seeming quite dumb.

It’s quite annoying, and by quite I mean very,

When I need to think, they think it is scary

Keep on talking or repeat what they said,

Which makes my sentence-stub just plain dead.

A moment of silence in that situation,

Is a-ok, not a social damnation.

Let me think and formulate my words,

Otherwise they flutter like very flighty birds.

I will ask if I didn’t understand,

Don’t take my silence as a secret command.

To interject to keep the noise alive,

Just take a small break unlike a beehive.

Wait for a while, think about stuff

Like clouds and let me huff and puff.

I will respond with something I made

Because you managed to break the blockade.


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