Wolf in sheep’s clothing

Is that a wolf in sheep’s clothing there?

I don’t mean metaphorically as hot air,

Just right there by the barber shop,

The one that looks like a cheap, wet mop.

We should warn the old man who’s coming out,

If he’s not a fighter, old oak and stout,

He could get jumped by the wolf-in-guise,

And hurt my ears with his “help me” cries.

“Err, I think that’s… that’s a poodle,

You know, as dangerous as your average strudel,

It is woolly and white, I agree,

But a wolf in disguise I just can’t see.

I think the old man is his old owner,

The doggy a companion working for a boner.

You know, you have this kind of bad habit

Of seeing danger everywhere, like a scared rabbit.

Try to relax and not get spooked,

By your fear of animals and getting surprise-nuked,

How about I buy you a sorbet,

Concentrate on licking that. A deal? Ok?”


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