Flea market finds

Just your average flea market day,

I checked three out on Flea Market Way.

In the first one I found an ancient relic.

The wooden cup of M’läh the Great and Angelic.

Doesn’t look like much, this cup of dry wood,

But as headgear it’ll do you good.

It will transform when placed on your head,

Whatever you need, metal or thread.

It was a hot day, after my lucky acquisition,

I got a Coolant hat, powered by fission.

I can’t wait to try it when I go diving,

A free scuba helmet, I’m gonna be thriving.

The second flea market was totally dull,

Treasures for a nickel plus a diamond skull.

I don’t care for the shiny type of junk,

So I headed to the third one where I heard funk.

Others couldn’t hear the call of the sick bass,

I found the source, an old glass vase.

The Vase of Funk can’t be heard by all,

Great for a selective “come and party” call.

On your porch it’ll tempt the likes of you,

Soulmate material even if they are few,

Always down to boogie, day or night,

Makes my weekend plans turn out alright.


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