One leg missing

I can’t wear my trousers today,

I misplaced my leg while dreaming of ballet.

It wasn’t in my pillowcase, I already checked,

Which is where it likes to go hide if I’m correct.

So I can’t come, I’ll look like a fool,

One leg empty is not very cool.

I’ll whiff Mr. Pirate Pageant once again,

And leave winning contests to more-legged men.

Unless… do you think that it’s against the rules?

Bah, I don’t care, if so, they’re fools!

I’ll wear the skirt I found as booty,

And still win, it’s my rightful duty.

I know the rules and if they object,

I’ll make their silly heads get the facts checked.

Get my crutch, I’ll soon  beready,

I’ll limp to victory, nice and steady.


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