If I was immortal and could not die,

No matter how I was stabbed in the eye.

If teleporting was also one of my skills,

I could escape even from under hills.

I’d had lived from the beginning of time,

Talking to people in history’s prime.

From ancient Sumerians to Incas to us,

I would be there, ready to discuss.

Taste all the foods that people have made,

Learn all the words from every decade.

Read all the stories told by every culture.

Pet every beast from goat to a vulture.

Know how the sunrise feels in the east,

And in the west with a succulent feast.

Feel the dry scorch of deserts in the sun,

The frozen brows with the frost-born one.

Learn how people think and what they feel,

What are the best words to sooth and to heal.

That’s what I’d do if I was immortal,

If only I could find some magic portal…


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