Ice wraith

I had a dream where a kid fell down.

Playing on the balcony, playing around.

She didn’t move when the nurses came,

They took her away without getting her name.

Only her shoes left, floating in the air,

I got them down with the help of a chair.

Inspected them and I was surprised,

They were frozen solid, sheer crystallized.

That made no sense, it was not that cold,

Just some snow on the ground all told.

Besides, how would they freeze during the fall?

Strictly no sense, none whatsoever at all.

It had to be an ice wraith, frigid and evil.

A hateful force of nature, primeval.

It had pulled her by her small feet,

Frozen the shoes in an icy heartbeat.

Frozen them from gravity’s grasp,

Frozen her life at the very final gasp.

Why would it do so? I don’t know,

Why are they vile? The cold makes them so.


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