Friend reassembly

My friend broke and she was reassembled,

As she did this, the doctor trembled.

“Done and done, let’s hope it’s ok,

It’s not my strong suit, assembling for pay.

I skipped the classes in Medical school,

I concentrated on different types of drool.”

I talked to my friend who just woke up,

“Are you ok, drink from this cup.”

Taking a sip, my friend said this:

“.Ko ma I” and ended with a hiss.

Not understanding, I looked puzzled,

Hearing a sound of water being guzzled.

“.tops eht ith tahT” I heard, just staring,

“?tahW ?pu s’tahW” With me just glaring.

“You’re talking the wrong way around right now,

With ends where starts should be, at the bow.

I think you need a re-reconstructed,

So get back to sleep and let her work unobstructed.”


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