Holding hands

I saw a vampire with his wife.

It looked like his eyes contained new life.

I bet it’s because of holding hands.

It does wonders to evil plans.

“I want to suck life force out of others,

I get more pleasure if it’s from mothers.

So what if families get torn apart,

Just a snack to me, a cake or a tart.”

Is what he said before hand holding,

Now he is smiling and his cape is molding.

In another place with a despicable He,

Readying himself for a murder spree.

“I want to conquer every single continent!

With weapons and tactics utmostly pertinent!

Leave no people standing alive,

I’ll keep going till I get at least five!”

Taking his hand, his niece then asked:

“What will you do when you get to the last?

I’ll be gone just like all the rest.

When your fingers get cold as you’re underdressed,

Who will warm them, hold them fast?”

And with that, his plan had passed.


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