On gamers

I play games on the World Wide Web.

Interact with other players as the games ebb.

I’ve learned a lot about the hominal psyche,

It can be wonderful and, at times, spiky.

Often, someone who is unpleasant,

Is performing quite poorly in the game at present.

Snapping at teammates to hide their mistakes.

And, very often, then the team spirit breaks.

Diffusing their fear of being exposed

Helps the whole team and them stay composed.

These people stereotypically only aim to win,

If they don’t, then the match was a sin.

Wasted effort and wasted time,

Of someone obviously in their prime.

They might like to play and want to be better,

Secondary, though, for such a go-getter.

As players go, they will hit a ceiling.

If the game itself doesn’t give a good feeling,

Improving as a player will always stay elusive,

And the habits of the player will remain abusive.

If, by the way, you try to tell them this,

Be prepared for a vitriolic diss.


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