Only fear itself (and spiders)

Fear is serious business.


“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Said one man, who’s on many a shelf.

I find this statement lacking in a way,

Not that I don’t find the idea okay.

The underlying cause is a good thing to find,

Then you can fight the fear with your mind.

But one should remember the bottommost reason:

Spiders with their hairy legs of treason.

Their eyes are beautiful to lure you in,

To trap you in the meshwork of death they spin.

Fear is only the manifestation,

Of a spider prototype, that’s the causation.

If you fear death, it’s because of venom,

If loneliness, being trapped in a web-om…

Fear of ducks? It’s because of the beak.

It looks like a spider’s smooth, smooth cheek.

Fear of heights? Flying spiders.

The creepy winged-web technology insiders.

Fear of the dark? Spiders are black,

You can’t see it when they want to attack.

Fear of dogs? Hairy, lots of legs,

And, like spiders, they lay eggs.

If that don’t convince you, you’ve no hope.

Or you work for them and the spider Pope.


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