Lobe trouble

Today was cold, colder than before.

How do I know? I lost an ear to the hoar.

Well, just the tip of my leftmost lobe,

It wasn’t covered by my winter wardrobe.

The cold made it numb so I didn’t even notice.

(This was after turning it the pink of a lotus.)

Now there’s a bit of my ear somewhere

Near or on my cycling route I swear.

I had a hat made of wool on my head,

But, being cranially gifted, upward it fled.

Exposed my hearing device of flesh,

Which delighted itself as it felt so fresh.

The delight soon turned into “it’s a bit nippy.”

Which, morphed into a downward trippy.

Oh well, next time I’ll know what to do:

Earmuff-skimask-woolhat times two.


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