UV flowers

This one is inspired by smbc-comics.com’s comic of the day.


In the outdoors, flowers in bloom,

Made for us to look, people assume.

Flowers have colors that we can’t see.

More important than us is the pollinator bee.

It has eyes that see ultraviolet.

Our visible spectrum just an islet,

Bees’ an island, covering more,

Grab a UV light and open the door.

I wonder how much else we miss.

Content thinking our lives are bliss.

Maybe dogs sing in octaves we can’t hear,

Carrots have a nuance felt only be deer.

Our senses are faulty at best of days,

To find out the truth we use logical ways.

Machines, calculation, proofs and arrays.

We compensate for faults with savvy,

The machines as our sensous navvy.


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